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Cam FM wins two national Student Radio Awards

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After being nominated for six different awards, last week Cam FM came away from the national Student Radio Awards with not one but TWO golds!

One went to Phin Adams, a.k.a 'Pop Man' who presents the infamous Phin's Barmy Brunch every Sunday morning between 11 and 12. He won the prestigious Keving Greening award for creativity, an award dedicated to an ex-Cam FM presenter who found great success in the industry. The award's nominees were unannounced, which meant Phin was taken by complete surprise upon discovery he had won.

The other went to Joel Lewin's interview with Simon Darby of the BNP. The interview was part of the award-winning Cam FM documentary 'Don't Say Gay', produced by ex-station manager Ben Weisz. The judges said of the award that it was "an extremely compelling listen which left the audience with more questions than answers".

That we won two golds says so much about the efforts of every Cam FM member over the past couple of years in creating an environment in which people feel compelled to create innovative, exciting radio - if this is not what student radio is all about, then what is? Congratulations to everyone who is nominated, and roll on the year to come!

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