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Monday 6th May is the start of Linkline Week on Cam FM! We think the work of the student-run nightline service is really important, so we've teamed up with Linkline to spread the word about the service and also dish out some fun prizes too!

Here's a little bit about Linkline:

Linkline is a confidential student-run Nightline for the students of Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University. Originally set up through the collaboration of a group of students from Cambridge University and ARU, the group has been running since 1972. Linkline currently offers a listening support and an information service both by phone and email.

All Linkline volunteers receive an intensive training course before they start volunteering to ensure that they can provide the best service possible to all who use it. The service is an active listening service, not a counselling service, and as such they do not give advice but instead talk through anything that is on your mind, and through that hope to help you find your own way forward.

At the moment the phone lines are open between 7pm and 7am every night during term time.

Linkline can be contacted by:

Phone: 01223 744 444

Skype: cambridge.linkline


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