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6 days to go to Lent Bumps 2015!

Jack Winstanley

6 days to go to Lent Bumps 2015!

For this year's Lent Bumps, Cam FM have been diving into the archives to find the most memorable moments in the competition over the last few years. Over the next week we will have a countdown to the competition on featuring these flashbacks!

Today with just 6 days to go we flash back to Lent Bumps 2013 when our commentators described Hughes Hall M1 as getting 'Super Blades' when they bumped on every single day, including one day where they overbumped and one day where they bumped twice! Listen below to see what happened!



Come back tomorrow as we relive how Clare W1 took headship in style in May Bumps 2013!


Remember you can listen to LIVE commentary of this year's Lent Bumps on Cam FM online or on 97.2FM from the 25th-28th February.


There is also a dedicated Bumps website at where you can find all the division times, all the division results and much much more!


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