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What do we do?

At Cam FM, our news team collectively produce the weekly news show 'In The Know'. Our aim is to report student, local, national and international news stories and current affairs, whilst making sure the voices and perspectives of the students of Cambridge are included in our coverage. We're the only radio station in the UK tackling news and current affairs from this angle - providing a unique broadcast journalism opportunity!

There are a lot of different ways to be part of our team and a lot of different opportunities to get involved in. You can produce (research, interview, write and record) your own news report on an individual basis, either choosing a topic of your own choice or choosing a topic from a list provided by our Head of News. These reports are usually pre-recorded and will be aired during the show. You choose how much time and effort you want to spend on your report: It can range from a 3min news segment to a 30min documentary.  


Each week we also spend a certain amount of the show focussing in depth on one particular story. This story is produced by multiple team members (which issue this is, is decided by the team at our news meetings), providing you the opportunity to explore and focus in depth on areas such as investigative journalism, 'on the ground' reporting, live studio interviews and in-studio presenting. There are also enough off-air (researching, writing, audio editing and technical) opportunities, so you don't even have to be on-air to be involved.

What else can we offer?

Successful careers in journalism - looking at just last year our members bagged a 
permanent job at Reuters, a graduate traineeship with BBC Scotland, work with ITV in Beijing, an internship with the BBC World Service, and an internship with “The Week” in London – to name a few! One of our recent graduates will even have one of his reports aired on BBC Radio 4’s “From Our Own Correspondent”; he is working from Uruguay.
Training - not just in radio production or audio editing, but also on how to be a better journalist. We have a wealth of talented alumni as described above who can offer their experience to you through seminars. We are the only student journalism outlet to offer such training. 
Flexible Involvement – as we have so many different things going on, you can choose how big a thing you want to take on each week, if at all!
Most social team of journalists – unlike those who write for print, we work as a team to produce our output, and have loads of socials. If you want more than just an email thread with your editor then Cam FM is ideal.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to join Cam FM as a Broadcast Journalist, please get in contact with the Head of News at news -at-[@] for more information and details on our next training session and meeting.

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