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The Best of the Tens: a riveting podcast

Hello there! So, what is the point of me and this show? While I can't answer the first aspect of that question, I can certainly give you an answer for the second one. 'The Best of the Tens: a riveting podcast' offers a series of five one-hour long episodes, each one dedicating thirty minutes to every year of this tumultuous decade, as I take you on a voyage of musical nostalgia and recognition of the years 2010-11 (Episode One), 2012-13 (Episode Two), 2014-15 (Episode Three), 2016-17 (Episode Four), and finally...wait for it...2018-19 (Episode Five). Let's celebrate the songs of our decade while we're still in it. So I ask of you to please give it a listen. More than anything, I really need the listenership numbers: and there's a small possibility you might actually enjoy it.

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